About Marianne Foscarini

Hiring a professional copywriter is not just about words.

It’s an investment in growing your business in the authentic way that brings your personal value of honesty, integrity, and conviction of honoring God above all else.

Marianne FoscariniIs that you? Then read on to discover why you need to work with a copywriter who not only writes well, but is as authentic as you.

Your audience is looking for businesses they can trust. Let them know you’re there!

It starts with your content …

Content marketing that grows your business takes planning and strategies to target your authentic audience. A professional copywriter does not create hype. Great content is about reaching out and helping your target market.

Content includes websites, landing pages, white papers, case studies, Ads, ebooks, and any copy material that helps grow your business.

While we’d all like customers with open wallets to come knocking on our door, that is not reality. Reality is prospects choosing between your product or your competitor’s. Or, requesting your service or the one down the street.

Since most customers search online today before making a final decision, your content must be ready with …

  • A top-quality product
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Emotional connection

And that’s where I come in …

Tell your story

I write stories that sell.

You provide the top-quality product and/or service and I’ll provide the authentic emotional connection.  I’ll explain why your company, your product, or your service is worth their attention. That will open wallets.

Not all content is sales material, but all types of content is necessary to make the sale. Good copywriting is good salesmanship in writing.

But that’s not the only reason to hire me …

I’ve been trained by master copywriters in direct response copywriting. Plus, I have 20+ years background in journalism.

RyanBut I also write for the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your second audience that must have your attention. Not like the old “garbage” methods that add the same word 17 times in a single paragraph, but with skillful research and excellent copywriting that brings out the integrity of your business.

This is where the fun starts …

Excellent copywriting makes sure that when your prospects find you on Google, they will follow through smoothly into your landing page or website because their mind is focused on the path that leads them to where you want them to go … that final click to sign up, register, or purchase.

It’s not hype. It’s not manipulation …

It’s authentic, honest, storytelling that directs them to the help they are looking for. I bring out your value, your solutions, and the benefits that fill in the gaps your competitors don’t have.

So, when you’re ready to hire a professional copywriter, email me or give me a call and let’s chat.