What are the advantages of working with a Christian copywriter?

Purpose and passion with integrity! I produce engaging, well-written and ethical content that turns your reader into a donor or buyer. Whether you equip Christians to make disciples, establish churches, serve the poor…or conduct a business…we are all serving the Lord. I am sensitive to the various denominations and worldviews. You can count on me to work in partnership with you on your next project.

How do you apply Christian copywriting to my website?

I have a step-by-step process that will be outlined in my proposal. You will know exactly what to expect and how it will take place. This way everything is revealed upfront.

My optimized content will be created with your web design and needed functions in mind. I will work with your own web developer or team to coordinate everything so that things run smoothly.

How many words need to be on my website?

Search engines crawl the Web looking for meaningful content for the person conducting a search. There are several parameters that a search engine includes in these searches…keywords that a person is looking for, or a phrase. Search engines even examine whether visitors flock to your site or quickly abandon it. Experts state that an optimized site should have a minimum of 250 to 300 words per page, especially the home page. Pages deeper within the site usually have much longer content…as many as it takes to convey the intended message or sell the product or service.

The bottom line is – to engage your audience and motivate them to buy… your web content will need as many words as necessary to do the job! Together we can decide what makes the most sense for your purpose.

Do you have experience in Christian copywriting?

Yes, in most cases – I’ve had experience writing for your type of organization. See my About  page for details.

If you sell a product or service I haven’t written about, the step-by-step process I follow gathers the information I need for your business to write optimized content for your industry—but more specifically for your visitors. Plus I will review your competitor’s sites to bring into focus how you can stand out from the crowd.

What are your fees?

I’d love to give you a quick answer, but it depends. So many factors are involved…what kind of barriers you have on your website now…how many pages you need…are we starting from scratch or reworking existing content, etc.

So, let me get back to you after we’ve discussed your needs. Your project is very important and I would like to think about your mission carefully and provide you with a thoughtful proposal that will get the work done the way you like it.

How long will it take to redo my web content?

Again, that will depend on what is involved. However, after our conversation I can include a rough timeframe in the proposal. As we get going on the project a schedule can be firmed up.

How do we get started?

Call or email me. There is no charge for a discussion or proposal.