How I do it

So, how do I do what I do?

I translate your product or service into clear language that empathizes with your customer. The copy informs, inspires, instructs … and cuts through confusion, ambiguity and boredom to make connections with real people who buy your product or service.

How do I do that?

First, I dig deep into understanding what you want to accomplish.

And why.

Then I examine your product or service …

  • Its features
  • Its benefits
  • Its history
  • Its uniqueness from your competitors (and there’s always something)
  • What are the flaws? (Problems are just as important to understand.)
  • What your successful project looks like to you
  • And so much more …

I stay in close touch with you through every phase of the project, respecting your valuable time. I work with your design/marketing team, if needed. My copy brands you as the trustworthy, reliable, and credible person you are. Your product or service is positioned to be the solution to whatever ails your customer. And it will be … for persuasion is not about convincing, but proving the value offered.

Your customer will feel finally, that their search is over. Another loyal fan stays on your list and upgrades profitably.

What do you have to do?

First of all, we have a friendly chat to see if we are a good fit. It’s okay if you decide that I am not the copywriter for you… or, if I feel that I cannot help you, I will try to help you find someone who can.

I expect absolute integrity in our working relationship. I value your time and will not disturb you needlessly. I will always return phone calls and emails. I expect the same.

My fees

Contact me and we’ll discuss it. Each project is unique. 

Email me at with any question or query.

Or call me at 416-710-4307. If I don’t answer, I’m working. Leave a message. I’ll return your call within one business day.