How Can You Take Control and See Your Growth?

To answer that question I need to ask you another question …

How would you describe your web content and marketing system?

  • Inconsistent
  • Get to it later
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Trust in God!

There is no doubt that God is behind everything you do. That’s why you’ve come to this website – seeking professional, ethical help to get the load off your back and figure all this stuff out.

Make no mistake. Running a business or nonprofit organization takes a lot of new, fresh content on your website, social media shares, and marketing campaigns. But to get the amount done that is needed … written, distributed, and analyzed … takes organizational skills with effective routines and systems in place.

And it takes a team.

According to Statistica, marketing teams are multiplying more and more as opposed to single individuals handling everything. In fact, email marketing from individuals, decreased by 2% between 2014 and 2017. And increased by 6% for teams doing it.  Wider marketing responsibilities by teams grew by 7%.

This illustrates the phenomenal growth of content and marketing needs across the board.



Who do you need to fill the gap in your writing team?

The secret to maintain control of your Christian-owned business or nonprofit organization – without burning out – is to build a dynamic, experienced, skillful Marketing Dream Team.

But to do that you need to know what three main hats go on what head.

Cap Hat # 1 Content – This can include webpages, blog posts, video, podcast, landing pages, emails, etc. Remember, fresh, new material keeps search engines happy to help customers or donors land on your doorstep.

Cap Hat # 2 Acquisition – Here is where design comes in. Is your website user friendly? Can visitors find what they are looking for almost immediately? Acquisition also analyzes traffic … where it comes from, and how they engage with you. Careful analytics boosts opportunities to improve and increase revenue through growing knowledge of your visitor.

Cap Hat # 3 Fundraising or Monetization – Search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, offers and call-to-action … anything that tweaks and tests donor or customer lists as they are qualified and segmented into appropriate levels for conversion, purchasers, and loyalty.

And that’s it. Only three hats that must be filled to operate a smooth-running content and marketing system. When you find the right skills and talent, the pressure eases from your back. But a team is also a group of people that understands what each other team member is also doing. Some of the responsibilities of these hats are more technical than just filling creative writing needs.

So, it makes sense that the best writer is the one that understands the whole structure and how the system works.

Boost results in your marketing mission by teaming up with an experienced, strategic web content writer who understands the whole structure from beginning to end. So, give me a call – 416-710-4307 – or leave an email at