Nurture Higher Donor Retention

As a Christian nonprofit organization serving others in the Name of Jesus, donor-followup often gets pushed to the back burner. Or, maybe you haven’t even got donors yet. You’re caught between the rock and the hard place …
between your mission and the support needed to fulfill that mission.

Nurture Higher Donor Retention

How would you describe your donor health?

  • Inconsistent acquisition – a few one-time donors
  • Get to it later – no time to nurture prospects or donors
  • Lack of knowledge on how to raise funds
  • Trust in God!

Christian nonprofits must engage donors over the long-term with thank you messages and updated stories on how their money is being used.

Now think about how you would turn things around to attain good donor health.

  • Consistency in reaching out and sharing your stories
  • Nurture donors, thanking them from the heart
  • Learn about raising funds or hire a godly professional to help
  • Trust in God for inspiration, guidance, and giving you a growing love for your donors and other constituents.

It takes a team!

Having the right people on your team makes things happen.  A professional Christian copywriter, who understands your mission can help you find the right target audience to find your new donors and nurture them to stay interested and committed to your cause.

“Stay interested.”

Because they were interested in the first place! They may not have been wealthy, or in a certain age bracket, or fit any other surveyed criteria … but they are people who care about your cause. And they want to know more, so they can help.

Their heart resonates with your heart to reach people for Christ and disciple them as Jesus commanded. They feel the same compassion you do – to shepherd the unshepherded, or to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

The right professional Christian copywriter can help you find these donors and … avoid asking for money prematurely.

She can help you get to know your donors and prospects better. Find their deep-hearted values and connect that with your cause.

As you can see, there are necessary steps to take before you ask for money. Problems with fundraising may be related to something entirely different than you expect. An outside viewpoint can often spot the discrepancy.

So, it makes sense that the best writer is the one that understands the whole structure and how the system works.

Team up with an experienced, strategic Christian copywriter who understands the whole structure from beginning to end.

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